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This free preview gives you a simple overview of the features you can use as a member of our dating site. Let the tour begin!

Before you look at the functions themselves, your attention should focus on the top part of the page. The first image below shows a user's top-bar menu. It offers you tabs – namely, Panel, Search, My profile, Insights, Upgrade (Basic users) and Inbox. At the end of the top bar, you can see your photo and nickname.


The Panel gives you an overview of the most important data: boosted profiles (the top stripe with the photos), a profile gallery where you can rate profile photos, a dashboard with tips and latest events (to the right), your profile prominence based on your activity and your personal stats. Beside this, you can use the Quick search with a Quick filter to look for potential partners from the Panel. You can adjust the age group of your interest in the section called Your focus (highlighted in the picture). This changes the contents of the dashboard and the photos which appear in the gallery.


The Wanna meet me? function provides you with a string of your counterparts' photos. Feel free to rate any of them. As the other person gets a message that you liked their profile photo, even such a small action can lead to something more.


Search is the next tab. First you get the opportunity to look for your potential partners choosing their age group. Our map to the right shows roughly where your potential partners are located. You can adjust the age groups of interest in the right top corner of the map.


Hitting the Search button shows you a list of search results. You can filter these results, using the categories above. Having principles definitely counts, but don't be too picky at that moment. It's super-important to get in touch with anyone who catches your eye.


If you click another member's photo, you get an overview of the person's profile. It shows you information the user shares with others, photos etc. Some of the categories are in blue. These are clickable and you can view the whole group of members who filled out the category the same way. So, if you only want to see Leos, you can. This page provides you with much more than just information though. For example, you can rate the person's profile. Or - below their photo - you can choose a way to contact the person. You can send a smiley, a message or - by clicking Introduce Me - make the other person notice you. Finally, within higher membership you can view the other person's email to contact them straight away.


My profile shows you the information you share with other members. Of course, you can edit the contents, change your profile image or add more photos to your gallery. What you reveal is up to you. In order to get to active searches among your potential partners (in the Search) you need to include your photo and at least a basic description of your personality in your profile. It wouldn't be fair to browse other members' photos and profiles without sharing something about yourself, too. Anyway, a photo and a detailed description improve the chances of a match significantly. So don't be shy – and share something interesting!


Above your nickname, there's a selection of actions you can take. Editing your profile is an important thing to do before you start your search. If you have any doubts about what you should include or why, hit the Start the wizard inside the profile editor. You get some tips and explanations. Boosting your profile means that you're going to increase your profile prominence. You get automatically boosted when you upgrade your membership but you can always request more time for boosting. After upgrading, you can also ask our certified expert for help. Our Dating Doctor can find cure to almost any common dating illness. 


Insights represent the fourth tab in the top bar. This page is available only to full members. It offers sophisticated research and statistical tools that give you a detailed idea of your counterparts' preferences and activity as well as tips on when to address others. The following preview shows a graph of user activity and their preference in relationships. 


Upgrade is another tab, visible to Basic users. This is a place you should go when you decide to upgrade your membership. Just read our members' feedback, see all the features you receive in the Upgraded membership, choose your subscription and hit Accept the offer.


The last tab in the top bar menu is Inbox. The red number next to it shows you how many unread messages you have. Click Inbox or the number and you can read them. Next to the number of messages there's one more figure - a grey one. This represents the number of proposed matches (suggested users) to be viewed in the same place. Click someone's photo in the Inbox and you get to see your conversation or new messages. If you feel like the heat is on, you can also hit the Show email contact button. Or view the person's profile by clicking the gray button beneath.


Finally, clicking your photo or nickname shows you a menu with an option to Log out or adjust your profile Settings. The most important items to set in this sections are Facebook (and other social media) promotion, emailing, and recurring payments (in the list of payments). You can also deactivate or delete your profile here.


You can find more functions, information and options on the dating site. This overview deals only with the most important and most-used ones.

Anyway, thank you for your visit. If you’re interested, our dating website can become yours. Become a member of our community and find a serious partner! You can start with a free Basic membership. Once you try out the functionality and discover how lively the place is, you can upgrade.


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